Mobirolo Nika Glass
This mobirolo nika combines triple laminate,
toughened glass with a steel central support line
This mobirolo staircase comes with a wide variety
of handrail including metal and wood

Open cantilever staircase in
ultra-clear structural glass

Open cantilever staircase in
ultra-clear structural glass

Open cantilever staircase
in ultra–clear structural glass

Double strip staircase and steps in solid doussié wood
with banister in extra-transparent structural glass

Open staircase with side structure with stainless steel bands
and steps in float stratified glass and horizontal stainless
steel rods banister

Alfa Open

Alfa Scale introduces "Alfa Open", tradition mixed with design style.

Alfa Open is a classical open staircase in solid wood without riser, with shaped bearing structures outside steps.

The Crystal Plus balustrade is its design side, completely built in temperated glass mm.10+10, without poles, without handrail

Ghost Speciale

Open staircase with no visible structure

Solid wood tread 80mm thickness

Flights width up to 100cm

Aero Glass
The Aero Glass is a unique staircase it has no visible fixings and yet maintains its strength like a normal staircase with fitted strings this staircase can be installed with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).