Mobirolo Nika Glass Staircase

The Mobirolo Nika Glass Staircase combines triple laminate, toughened glass with modular steel central support spine. The Nika Glass Staircase by Mobirolo is available with a range of handrail options including metal, wood.
The Mobirolo Nika Glass Staircase is available with a range of various balustrade.



The Nika Glass Staircase from Mobirolo is available with matching landing balustrade kits, available in 1 metre lengths in a range of finishes and designs.

The width available for the Mobirolo Nika Glass Staircase are 700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 950 & 1000mm. Theheight of the standard staircase with 13 risers can vary from 245 cm to 297 cm.

A riser bar kit is available to enable the Mobirolo Nika Glass Staircase to conform with the building regulations 100mm sphere rule.

Standard Mobirolo Nika Glass Staircase consists of;

12 treads, steel central supporting structure and railing to the outside of the staircase