Each scale Marretti correlates plans but also reality, ideas, dreams and a dialogue between spaces using the language of technology and imagination. It is renewed in each project.

The challenge today is to fly. To do that all matter is permitted, any invention granted: the crystal becomes rocks; steel becomes invisible, and the wood, a link to tell of landscapes elsewhere.Needless to each support.

And then there are the hands and their care of the details that create the beauty, the harmony of the whole. From the pinpoint precision of the gestures, and the stairs have Marretti models registered and patented hardware, takes shape in the balance and dizziness in silent aspiration.


Mobirolo was created in 1966 and today is a head company controlling two specialised staircase manufactures.

The production mainly takes place within the Mobirolo group thanks to state of the art technologies, whereas the marketing is implemented through a widespread network of agents and salespeople on the Italian market.

The distribution on foreign markets envisages collaboration projects with importers of the creation of joint venture companies.

Alfa Scale


Alfa Scale was established on July 15th 1976 and has been producing staircases for interiors since then. 
Today, Alfa Scale can count on the collaboration of 33 professionals. This has enabled it to become a leading business on the international level. 
Our attention to the shape and function of furnishing objects in our homes has radically changed over the years.

This has also involved a different way of conceiving design and production. Such Objects, STAIRCASES in our case, have become a way of making of house a home.

They can be essential or highly decorated objects but, anyway, they are the dynamic expression of our constantly changing way of living. 
A staircase is an object with a precise function. The experience matured over the years has enabled us to optimise the production process of our basic object. Looking for ductile and functional solutions is the first and most important target for Alfa Scale.



TRESCALINI is a CasaLux Home Design trademark and develops high standard and on demand frames, staircases and railings in glass, stainless steel, carbon steel and wood. Our straight, quarter or half turn design staircases ranges, and spiral, helicoidal or bent design staircases ranges fit to most of the configurations, including to special frame demands such as glass floor, glass footbridge or glass platform, canopy, awning, pergola…

Link between two worlds, staircases are an essential piece of your space. Overtake the simple function of that singular object through the symbolism of a way between earth and sky involves for us innovating, creating and recreating constantly. The purity of our lines and finishes, the quality of materials and control of the last technologies contribute to build a project of exception. We do not simply manufacture staircases, but we give life to your idea, to your dream, with no limit but your imagination.