Open cantilever staircase without risers, with steps in ultra-clear,
structured glass and Gaudí three curved branch banister in
copper-steel and tempered bronze

Closed cantilever staircase
stainless steel steps and risers
ultra-clear structured glass banister

Side structure in stainless steel bands with steps in ultra-clear
structured glass and stainless steel and stratified glass banister

Helicoid staircase with stainless steel panel side structure and steps
in extra-transparent layered glass

Staircase with modular stainless steel side structure and steps in
float stratified glass and banister in stainless steel stratified glass

Staircase with side structure in stainless steel bands and ultra-clear,
structured glass steps with horizontal stainless steel rods banister

Elite Painted Steel & Glass
The Elite is a free standing straight, quarter or half turn staircases caracterized by its two lateral beams frame in stainless steel or steel. The Elite is available with glass, plexiglass or wood stairs, and glass, plexiglass, stainless steel or steel railing.