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DIY Glass Fittings

DIY Glass Fittings are becoming more admired by the day. What is better then creating your own masterpiece! Most of us just love the way our staircase looks but want to modernize the look to make it contemporary and modern or just want to renew the balustrade on the balcony over looking the garden or bottom floor what ever the reason It can now be done yourself.

Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings are the best way of holding together your glass to create that dream balustrade you are aiming for and once again you can do it yourself by choosing the correct components to hold your glass together this can help you reach that design you are looking to develop for your home or business with a wide range of different steel fittings almost any design is possible.

Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades can be fully framed; semi frameless and they can be made of different Styles of Glass to help staircases, landings or outdoor decking’s look beautiful.

Glass balustrades can be used anywhere in the home for example:

On you existing Staircase glass balustrades look wonderful around staircases allowing light to shine through to light up dark spaces while providing the safety we all want while climbing our staircase it is also very common to add a stainless steel handrail that can be done using stainless steel fitting components.

On you landing walkway giving you a clear view of your home allowing light to gleam through no matter what the size the area you want Balustrade with glass it will make the area look vivid and spacious.


Templating is the best way to see how your glass balustrade will look while allowing you to easily cut out holes, electrical sockets, switches and lights to make sure everything is correct before the glass is made. The templates are all made at a 1:1 ratio out of MDF.

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